Friday, September 30, 2011

Teaching is no Fun

Teaching for sure is no fun, neither earlier nor now. Gone are the days when a teacher was just expected to teach and maybe to take attendance and check paper/ test sheets. A teacher is more like a "robot" now, an automated being which has been clocked to perform same set of duties day after day, year after year. The "passion" can exist only when the "fun" element is present in what you do. Any teacher from any system in India can vouch for this that a teacher is spending more time in "non-teaching" stuff than teaching. All those who joined teaching for passion cannot boast that they enjoy what they are doing because they are doing everything else plus teaching. When we talk about improving our education system, could we also give a thought to this aspect as well so that the passion remains intact and teaching not being like a regular chore for teachers.

Understanding the real "Shiksha"

It is high time that we all understand what real "Shiksha" is and do our bit to help the cause. "Shiksha" which means "Education" in Hindi is not the responsibility of educators alone but of the entire society. The sooner each staeholder start contributing their bit to the cause, the better it would be for our future generations and for our country as well. We need to rise above the micro issues/ thought process and look at the macro picture - that of a country full of youth that is not only literate but educated in the real sense. This real education is nothing but a belief in each one of the educated youth that they are capable of not only making a difference in their lives but in the lives of all those around them/ associated with them. Lets work together to make it happen !!

Welcome to Think Shiksha

Welcome to my blog "Think Shiksha" which is an attempt to share about the issuses that confronts the education system (especially in India) and also provides some food for thought for all readers. Most of the posts(sharing) would be from my personal experience and from the sharing/ discussion done by/ with numerous educators. I thank all the educators whom i have interacted with for all the learning that i have gathered from them and wish i could keep learning this way always. This blog comes after much self-deliberation and is an honest attempt to highlight issues (big or small) in education that need our attention.

Hope all readers enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing the posts.

Thanks - Narinder