Friday, December 16, 2011

Can Computers replace Classrooms ? BUT what constitutes a CLASSROOM ?

This post is triggered by an online article and discussion on "Can Computers replace Classrooms ?" Its a simple discussion topic but with deep underlying links to the process of education. The above surely is some food for thought as it triggers us(at least me !) to think "What all constitutes a Classroom ? Aren't we being short-sighted in thinking about the discussion topic itself because Computers and Classrooms are 2 distinct entities. By Classroom do we just refer to the age old model of transacting education (if i may call it so !) or do we treat classroom as an amalgamation of instruction, learner, transaction, interaction, experience and so much more. A better understanding of constitution of a Classroom can only help us decide/ deliberate on whether computers can replace them or not. The purpose of a classroom is much more than a "rendezvous" of teacher and sudents and is like a place where "learning experiences" are created and "learning" imparted.  Classroom is all about the "process of education". As per me the discussion/ question "Can Computers replace Classrooms ?" is irrelevant and is valid as long as we are short-sighted in our perception of "Classroom". Computers (or for that matter any Technology) are great facilitators of Education and Learning. So, lets not confuse the matters by engaging in the replacement debate.

The above are purely my thoughts based on my experience in helping schools and educators adopt ICT/ Technology in Education/ Teaching-Learning.

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