Monday, April 23, 2012

EDUCATION - Heading towards Learning or Information Overload ?

EDUCATION seems to be losing its sheen. The word no longer connotes Learning but only Information. Though there has been a paradigm shift in Education in terms of trends, technologies, teaching methods, teaching models, learning approcahes but the outcome still remains the same - bombardment of information to the learners. Simplification of a single topic or theme seems to be getting lost in complexity of information and data. We have not moved away from our reliance on text books, etc. We may talk big about technology in education but we seem to be far away from applying it in our teaching-learning. There is a dire need to look at the situation from new perspective(s), some of which are - 1. evloved mindset of educators in understanding the dynamics of education in the current times, 2. educators' comfort level with the latest in education, 3. delievering tools to comprehend, analyse, intrepret, etc. to learners instead of just information. The whole idea of bombarding child with as much infomation and data about a subject/ topic may not be useful as learners need time to digest and understand. The outome is a child losing interest in the subject and then in studies altogether. A change needed in determining what would constitute our education and a though need to be put on 1. what gets taught, 2. how much gets taught, 3. how it gets taught, 4. why it needs to be taught. 

Lets teach and raise our children in a way that they become self-capable learner of life and not only academics !! 

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