Monday, October 3, 2011

Mutliple Roles of a Teacher

A teacher plays mutliple roles and is much more than a "sage on the stage". This multi-role is necessitated by the need to create impactfule learning by connecting with the learners and engaging them in the tasks of learning. Its no longer the "monologue" that does the trick. Everything now has underwent a change, be it the the educational objectives, curriculum, leaner's requirements and so on. These roles are guided by the learner's requirements and needs. Some of the major roles a teacher could assume could be
  • Counsellor - to help children recognise and deal with their issues so as to focus on the learning task
  • Presenter - to cater to the large mass in the class and deliver the information/ knowledge in the most impactful way
  • Communicator - to reach out to the audience and engage them in the task of learning
  • Facilitator - to help learners guide their own learning.
  • Trainer - to deliver the desired learning using various techniques, games, tools, etc.
Of course, the above list is incomplete and as teachers assume the above roles, they would feel the need to explore many more roles.

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