Monday, October 3, 2011

TECHNOLOGY - How much is too much ?

Technology has by far been the most critical leveraging agent in education - be it access, equity, quality or anything else mentioned. But as they say, "too much of anything is bad" and that is exactly what is happening with technology in our schools, colleges and other educational institutions. We are piling on technology like anything without bothering as to whether we are optimally utilising it. Technology pressence in schools has become a "fad" and is gradually losing the "sheen". Hardly any thought is put to "Technology Adoption" or "Technology Integration" and the entire effort and resource in put into buying/ procuring technology. This is leading to a situation of "Technology Over-deployment but Under-Utilisation".

The best way to use technology to the right extent and in an appropriate way is to map its use to learning objectives. Being aware of the available technology tools and then mapping them to our learning objectives go a long way in determining the proper technology usage.

Do remember "Every technology may not serve every subject, topic, teacher or learning objective" . The user's discretion in being selective definitely helps

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